Thursday, December 1, 2011


    As December rolls around, more and more leaves fall off the trees, and that means you Norman. Norman is going (naked) and as for the winter, snow is something that is possible. One thing we should hope for is that if it snows, none of Normans branches fall off because of the pressure of the snow. Norman is pretty strong, though and hopefully no tree limbs of Normans will be lying on the street. New news for Norman!!! Swimming this week!!! There is supposed to be a test tomorrow for swimming, and hopefully all of us do well. Safety day was today and hopefully no person will drown anytime soon. 

Ms. Hansen 2011!!!!!

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  1. Swimming was awesome.

    It's pretty sad that everyone abandoned Norman. There's only a few people there, and when I ask friends to come and hang out there, they always say, "You're still doing the whole Norman thing? I never cared about that tree!". The thing is, those were the people that I saw actively at the parties.

    I'll still come, even if others don't join me, and I hope to get the whole thing started again. As for this site, and I say this directly to the author, I hope this site is not abandoned, because it is one of the only Norman-dedicated things that is left. I really hope it stays.