Saturday, December 3, 2011


    Norman is getting less and less attention. If he is our tree, we should spend more time with Norman, if you ask me. Norman is losing his popularity. We have to keep the spirit of Norman alive!!! If you know what i mean. 

Ms.Hansen 4th grade 2011!!!!!

(Hope Norman has a merry xmas!!! Without losing any branches off the causes of snow!!!)

Thursday, December 1, 2011


    As December rolls around, more and more leaves fall off the trees, and that means you Norman. Norman is going (naked) and as for the winter, snow is something that is possible. One thing we should hope for is that if it snows, none of Normans branches fall off because of the pressure of the snow. Norman is pretty strong, though and hopefully no tree limbs of Normans will be lying on the street. New news for Norman!!! Swimming this week!!! There is supposed to be a test tomorrow for swimming, and hopefully all of us do well. Safety day was today and hopefully no person will drown anytime soon. 

Ms. Hansen 2011!!!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Last day of school!

    Comment! A classmate today said it was sort of like a " Early Thursday" since tomorrow is our last day before Thanksgiving break. This might be our last, or our second to last post until after Thanksgiving break, cause i'm hitting the road Tuesday night. Most people are as well. A rumor has been going around that the Kindergardeners are going to have their Thanksgiving feast tomorrow. Well, our class will find out because the fourth grade classrooms are parked in the same hallway as the Kindergardeners. Can't wait to see what they eat, if anything at all!!! 

    Today during Spanish, we are making cement plates that say things about our classes tree. We decorated it and stuck rocks in the cement for each person of the class. Our class color for the rocks was blue, and looked awesome!!! Can't wait to see Norman with new mulch, and a new plate with cement that will stay in the dirt forever!!!!!

Ms. Hansen's 4th grade class 2011-2012

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Trip or stay?!

    With some people going out of town for thanksgiving, Norman will be left here and for the people staying in town for thanksgiving, visiting Norman might not be an option, for some of us, relatives are coming and that means no time to visit Norman. so I think that on these last two days of school before thanksgiving break, we should decorate Norman for the holidays! Happy Thanksgiving Norman!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


    As for Thanksgiving, it is just around the corner. Hopefully, we can dress Norman up for Thanksgiving, except some of us won't be seeing Norman for at least a week or so. Norman, get into the Thanksgiving spirit!!!

- Ms. Hansen's 4th grade class 2011! 


    Some know the reason, some don't. As Mr. Donovan's class adopts their tree, Cliff, there has been some debate about wether their class is making a blog about their tree, Cliff. Some people say that they DO have a class blog, but no blog about Cliff, news about Cliff on their website, yes, but no blog about their tree, Cliff. OTHERS say they do have a blog about Cliff on the web, but no person knows the right answer. If, on the other hand, if Mr. Donovan's class did make a blog about Cliff, then they would be copying our blog, We are still figuring it out, but hopefully, the rumors about the " Cliff blog" are a fake. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Norman! We miss u!

    Our class of 2011 is very much missing Norman, but we have some entertainment in indoor recess... origami yodas and fortune tellers! I am also a participant and we are having a good time, but we miss Norman all the same! We hope to see him tomorrow, for it is supposed to be sunny.

Cheers for Norman!!!
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