Monday, November 21, 2011

Last day of school!

    Comment! A classmate today said it was sort of like a " Early Thursday" since tomorrow is our last day before Thanksgiving break. This might be our last, or our second to last post until after Thanksgiving break, cause i'm hitting the road Tuesday night. Most people are as well. A rumor has been going around that the Kindergardeners are going to have their Thanksgiving feast tomorrow. Well, our class will find out because the fourth grade classrooms are parked in the same hallway as the Kindergardeners. Can't wait to see what they eat, if anything at all!!! 

    Today during Spanish, we are making cement plates that say things about our classes tree. We decorated it and stuck rocks in the cement for each person of the class. Our class color for the rocks was blue, and looked awesome!!! Can't wait to see Norman with new mulch, and a new plate with cement that will stay in the dirt forever!!!!!

Ms. Hansen's 4th grade class 2011-2012


  1. Go Norman!!! Norman rocks and i will miss him over Thanksgiving...

  2. same! well can't wait to see what happens with the kindergarteners tomorrow and i can't wait to see hoe cool he looks with his stone and everything! well happy thanksgiving everybody and HAPPY THANKSGIVING NORMAN!!!!!!

  3. A little outdated of a comment, but happy Thanksgiving everyone.