Thursday, November 17, 2011

Norman! We miss u!

    Our class of 2011 is very much missing Norman, but we have some entertainment in indoor recess... origami yodas and fortune tellers! I am also a participant and we are having a good time, but we miss Norman all the same! We hope to see him tomorrow, for it is supposed to be sunny.

Cheers for Norman!!!
Send us on our way!


  1. See ya Norman!! I love you!!!:) I miss you and we hope to see ya soon, and with the new little plate thing that we are putting in, including the new mulch, and the plate, ( Thank u spanish teachers!) will be at the base, i am pretty sure, wil make Norman feel like a king! I have an idea that we could dress Norman up for Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and Easter, well, you get the point! See ya at school Norman!!!


  2. 2 minutes until I go to school...ugh....

    At least I get to see Norman....