Friday, November 11, 2011

NORMAN!!! See ya Monday!

Over this long break, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, think about Norman!!!


  1. i will! Norman rocks! GO NORMAN!

    this post is brought to you by, Webkinz! where the coolest thing is everything!

  2. Norman is awesome!
    (typed bu Natalie)

    i love u Norman!!!!!!
    GO NORMAN!!!!!!
    NORMAN ROCKS!!!!!!

  3. Sure will! Let's have the biggest party so far to celebrate not losing our tree to Ms. Cohen's class!

    PS - Guess it is kinda impossible not to think about him since I'm coming to Jamestown on Saturday to look at him with my dad.

  4. Tonight is 11/11/11, the day where you make a wish :D! I wish for Norman's mulch problem to be solved!