Friday, November 11, 2011


NO HURTING NORMAN! I think that some people should be more careful on Norman, i mean, we can still have the parties just that we have too be careful with his roots so he can live!


  1. (FYI) its just an opinion... I mean, we can add... some stuff... i guess...

  2. I agree, I guess. As long as we don't jump or pull on the roots, we should be fine.

  3. i agree. we should be more careful with Norman. i also agree that we should still have the parties and stuff like that but we really should try to protect Norman instead of using him for a place to have parties. we should really try to save him more. i don't dislike the parties at all but i think that the other kids in 4th grade are kinda thinking that we're bragging about Norman. I try to really be careful with him and i think everyone else should too!:) GO NORMAN!!!!!!